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Digital Hot Air Pencil (HCT2-120)
  • 120 Watt Ceramic Heater and Dual Stage Air Pump
  • Digital Airflow and Temperature Controls
  • Fast Response and Performance

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New Dual Cartridge Hand-Piece and Workstand (MX-UK3)
  • The success of conduction soldering depends upon the availability and controlled flow of thermal energy into the connection during two critical phases – flux activation and intermetallic bond formation
  • Higher thermal demand applications such as microwave shields, heavy block type housing and tabbing, preheat applications, read more at the product page below
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AIM Solder
M8 No Clean Solder Paste
  • Halogen-free
  • Low voiding on BGA and BTC components
  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • For use with demanding, high density electronic assemblies
  • High SIR/Electrically safe residue
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Lista Express
  • 41.75" high
  • 5 drawers
  • 57 compartments

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Single Sided 8000 Series workstation
  • Single-sided starter
  • Choice of length (36", 48", 60" or 72")
  • Choice of height (54", 72" or 84")*
  • Choice of worksurface depth (28" or 30")
  • Choice of worksurface material (plastic laminate or static dissipative plastic laminate)
  • Choice of color (Light Gray or Sand)
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Torque Readout Screwdriver
  • The Sumake system captures vital screwdriver readings including torque range, fastener turns, fastening times and screw count at a fraction of the cost of competitors’ readout systems.
  • Sumake continues to innovate and bring industry leading value solutions to the bench.
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